By request, we have expanded our design services into the Hamptons. While we have periodically worked on architectural renovations, interior design projects and consulted on property and home purchases out east, it has not been a focus to date. However, given that a number of our clients have summer homes in the Hamptons and the fact that Galo Verdesoto, has spent many of his summers out east, it was a logical market extension of our architectural and interior design/decoration services.

We have come to know the nuances and temperament of the Hamptons real estate markets, embraced its unique beach and nature-oriented lifestyles, and appreciate the varying charms and characters of its distinct towns and hamlets. We have uncovered sources for one-of-a-kind, premium products and services. Whether the design inspirations draw on the relaxed, casual beach ambiance and lifestyle of the Hamptons or the modern urban edge and international lifestyle of New York City (or a unique combination of the two), we can now service our clients in designing and collaborating on their ideal summer home and distinctive way of life out east.


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