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“We worked closely with Galo on a hybrid project – a gut renovation of two/thirds of a co-op apartment while simultaneously preserving elements of the other third. Galo is first and foremost marvelously creative. He designed two stunningly beautiful and functional custom millwork wall units. One with a seamlessly integrated modern fireplace, and the other with a hidden Italian wall bed system. He is also meticulous – no detail is overlooked. His taste is impeccable whether choosing furniture and placement, color palettes, choice and quality of materials, etc. He attracts and works with contractors and craftsmen who meet his high standards; we were never put in the position of needing to have “awkward” discussions if something wasn’t perfect. He is flexible – always remembering that, in the final analysis in the rare case of differing viewpoints, it is ultimately where the client will be living or working. He is cost-effective – he knows where to shop, when less expensive options are available without sacrificing quality, and how to stage a construction project so as to minimize downtime. He delivers what he commits to. Finally, he has a wicked sense of humor and is fun to be around. You will not find better.”

Maxine Frank

“It was a pleasure to work with Galo, on I dare say three projects in all, in over just a handful of years. We purchased our first apartment and had the opportunity to acquire the adjacent unit and do a gut-renovation/combination. With a new baby, we needed the room! He managed to find a way to add an additional bedroom (beyond our original plan) and create a real sense of space, great natural flow and a set of unique architectural highlights that made it a spectacular three-bedroom/three-bath apartment. There was real value-added, reflected not only in the day-to-day interaction we had with our new home but also in the selling price when we outgrew the apartment and needed to move on. When we bought a new larger full-floor loft condo, he took the sponsor’s plans and upgraded them (even correcting architectural flaws for the sponsor!) and succeeded in turning a great apartment into a truly grand loft-like living space. All who saw it thought it amazing – and our kids loved it as much as we did. Finally, in our latest place, he took a classic seven pre-war with a “stodgy” layout and with some key, edgy enhancements and accents throughout (e.g., modern wallpaper, drapes, furnishings and lighting), turned it into a truly unique home. Galo focuses on the last inch – what you see and touch and live with every day – as well as the architectural skeleton. The net result is a balanced home that feels luxurious but is always livable – a place that has its own unique sense of self without sacrificing comfort or warmth. We freely recommend him to others, notwithstanding the size or scope of the project. In these endeavors, it is best to have a guide (as we have learned) – and Galo has the foresight, expertise, experience and the sense of style to not only help you navigate the very complex process with confidence but also to feel proud and truly, entirely satisfied with the end result.”

Mark Palmer

“When I wanted to upgrade my 20-year-old, badly finished sponsor apartment, I was lucky to find Galo through a friend who highly recommended him. It is one thing to slap granite, marble and nice fixtures into an already existing unit. It is quite another to start from scratch a complete gut-renovation and redesign the whole concept of the space into a comfortable and inspiring place to live. Open, loft style living is what we were hoping for. We are now a few years past our renovation, and in a city that is now awash in “designer” apartments, I was concerned whether my condo would retain its sense of the exceptional. But one walk through the apartment with open the loft inspired space, its heightened ceilings, openness, wider hallways, unique sense of continuity and freshly exposed brick, makes clear that it remains a distinct and inspiring space. What Galo brought to my project was much more than an eye for fancy materials – anyone can do that. Galo’s real value was to re-imagine the apartment (from the structural bones) and create a space that perfectly conforms to the way that contemporary humans prefer to interact with and view their environment (open and communal) and that uplifts the previously mundane experiences of everyday apartment living.”

Holt Goddard

“Galo’s real value was to reimagine the apartment (from the structural bones) and create a space that perfectly conforms to the way contemporary humans prefer to interact with and view their environment. Years later, it remains a distinct and inspiring space.”

“I have worked with Galo on multiple projects. Across all four projects, Galo was highly professional, detail-oriented, creative and quick! What is really amazing is that you would never guess that the same architect and interior designer worked on all four. Each was unique to the space and completely different. The first was chic and cool, the next earthy, neutral and in a way “floated,” while the third popped with vibrant color and the fourth was uniquely hip and colorful with a mid-century flair. The common element was that all four were beautifully executed and suited to our changing lifestyle and growing family. Galo is that rare combination of highly creative yet very professional and technical. He never seems to run out of original ideas. He’s not only detail oriented in terms of design, but also in the coordination and follow through to completion of each project — which as we found out through experience can easily make or break a project regardless of how good the design is. We can’t recommend Galo more highly!”

Melina Spadone

“I first learned of Galo Verdesoto while working in residential real estate sales on the Upper East Side. I had the opportunity to see two of his finished renovations and fell in love with both! I told myself that, if I ever did decide to renovate my condominium, that it would be a dream to work with Galo as my architectural designer. I decided to go ahead with what became an essential gut renovation of a large one-bedroom/ 1-1/2 bathroom condominium in the Carnegie Hill section of the Upper East Side. Galo and I met to discuss the project and I immediately knew we’d get along. I explained that because it was only a one-bedroom apartment that I wanted it to flow and feel more like a suite at a luxury hotel. Galo seemed to understand my vision and already the wheels were turning. He has superb taste but is also realistic when putting a budget together for the project. After adding several items to the original scope of the project I decided we wouldn’t cut any corners on materials and appliances. but Galo was always aware and pointing out to me the reality of my increased budget. We were on the same page the entire way through and he was always honest and never pushy. Galo also works with an extremely dedicated general contractor who is surrounded by a team of superbly talented workers who pay incredible attention to detail and always left the apartment neat and orderly at the end of the day. With the addition of solid 2-inch solid white, honed marble kitchen and bathroom countertops, steam shower, Corian bathtub and polished nickel fixtures in the master bathroom and sconces throughout, a professionally concealed Sonos sound system and state of the art built-in televisions, museum quality track lighting…and a smokeless/ventless fireplace built into a fully integrated custom living room wall cabinet (these are just a few of the awesome touches), Galo created a “hotel suite” that is fit for a king! He’s bright, understanding, incredibly devoted, organized … and he’s charismatic and will even make you laugh! Galo has become a friend and I would recommend him above anyone else for any potential renovation you may be considering. He followed through on all he promised and far exceeded my expectations. I am truly now living in my dream apartment … and it’s great to be able to call it home! Thank you, Galo!”

Hunter Hulshizer

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