Everyone has a comfort zone. What if we explored its boundaries?

Diverse sources of inspiration.

As a New Yorker, I view design from a multicultural, multi-sensory perspective – where contrast, juxtaposition, asymmetry and tension are elements that can elevate and enrich. Informed by NYC’s swirling eclecticism, its grit, funk and sophistication, I enjoy mixing it up – and working with like-minded clients. To do so, I take inspiration from many different design styles, periods, movements and cultures:

  • Early and mid-20th-century modern architecture and interior design
  • Japanese architecture, interiors and aesthetics
  • Scandinavian interior and furniture design
  • The expansive urban lofts of New York City
  • The order, grandeur and hierarchy of space found in classical western architecture and design
  • My treks around the globe, where the varied countries, cultures, people and their uniqueness have all influenced and added to my global aesthetic vision

A reverence for light, space, and nature.

Another great source of inspiration is nature in all its profound grandeur and beauty. The light, vivid colors, sheer rawness, asymmetry, openness, macro & micro symbiosis and vast diversity yet brilliant simplicity are all elements of nature that connect greatly with us.

We design open, airy, and elegant spaces where light is an essential element, and where rooms and spaces move and breathe into one another (the open-plan concept). We value the honest expression and purity of natural materials. Always with the utmost attention to detail, we believe that the hallmark of good design is that it stands the test of time.

Open and honest collaboration.

More than anything, our practice strives to provide clients with homes, spaces and environments that reflect their individuality and self-expression. We aspire to cocreate fresh spaces that stimulate their day-to-day existence, and ultimately enrich their lives.

Contact us:

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