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Galo Verdesoto

Galo Verdesoto was raised and resides in New York City. He started his arts education early in life, majoring in architecture at the High School of Art and Design, and continuing at the prestigious Parsons School of Design, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in architectural and environmental design. He continued his formal advanced architecture education while attending Pratt Institute, as well as the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), and he is an AIA (American Institute of Architects) Associate member.

Upon graduation from Parsons, Galo was recruited by faculty member Tim Gunn (now of Project Runway fame) to teach a summer semester abroad at their satellite school in the Dominican Republic: the prestigious Altos De Chavon School of Design. There, drawing on his bilingual ability as he was born in Quito, Ecuador, Galo co-taught freshman year interior design students in Spanish.

Galo's residential architectural and interior design experience spans more than 20 years and countless satisfied clients. He also has extensive experience in commercial, corporate and retail design, including the recent corporate renovation / interior design of a raw Soho loft for INVNT, a global brand and communications agency. Other noted corporate projects include the state of the art, interactive traveling exhibition sponsored by M&M Mars for the promotion of the U.S. Olympics; and projects for NYNEX/New York Telephone (now Verizon) and Credit Suisse/First Boston (now Credit Suisse Group). In the retail realm, he’s worked with Bloomingdale's – doing store design, industrial/product design and promotional design; and at Polo Ralph Lauren's home division – doing furniture design, and product design and development.

I’ve worked with Galo on multiple, custom high-end interior design projects. What is really amazing is that you would never guess that the same architect and interior designer worked on all four. Each was unique to the space and completely different. He never seems to run out of original ideas.


“Working with Galo was a fantastic experience for my husband and I. We purchased our apartment (a classic six pre-war) while living in Hong Kong, so we had to manage our gut-renovation from abroad, which was a daunting prospect. However, we were totally comfortable not being in New York while the bulk of the work took place because we came to know that Galo takes such pride in his work, views each project as his baby, and that the result - regardless of our presence - would be nothing short of perfect. Galo's meticulous nature and eye for perfection allowed us to complete a gut-renovation from halfway around the world in six months. Galo respected both our vision and our budget. He somehow managed to transform a stale, old pre-war apartment into a contemporary, open (loft-like in spirit) showpiece, while still preserving its prewar character and detailing. The outcome was magnificent and it really exceeded our expectations. I cannot recommend Galo highly enough! ”

Amanda Pratt

Galo focuses on the last inch - what you see and touch and live with every day. The result is a balanced home that feels luxurious but is always livable – a place that has its own unique sense of self without sacrificing comfort or warmth.

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